Apex Mining Co., Inc. (AMCI) distributed 20 units of  pedal-operated hand washing machines to the Barangay Local Government Units (BLGUs) within Municipality of Maco, Davao de Oro.  One unit each of the pedal-operated hand washing machine was received by twenty (20) barangays who are also host and neighboring community barangays of AMCI.

As of June 30, 2020 (Week 14), hereunder is the total budget utilization and its percentage:

Mining CompaniesRealigned SDMP Budget, PhPBudget Utilized, PhPUtilization Percentage
Apex Mining Company, Inc.11,258,965.0011,242,477.0099.9%
Paraiso Consolidated Mining Corporation285,985.00285,285.0099.8%
Austral-Asia Mining Corporation/ Hallmark Mining Corporation      629,000.00629,000.00100.0 %
Kingking Mining Corporation        50,000.00       49,500.0099.0 %
Napnapan Mineral Resources, Inc.      113,500.00     113,495.5099.9%
King Eagle Exploration and Mining Corporation      774,000.00774,000.00100.0%
Photo above showing the pedal-operated hand washing machines distributed to Barangay Local Government Units (BLGUs) within the Municipality of Maco, Davao de Oro