Region XI is a host to two (2) large-scale operating mines. One (1) non-metallic mines is operated by Holcim Phils., Inc. while the other is a metallic mines owned by Apex Mining Co., Inc. Both companies are holders of approved Social Development and Management Programs denominated as 001-2002-01 and 005-2006-01 (XI) and 006-2007-01 (XI) respectively.    SDMP of Holcim Phils., Inc. caters a total of 7 host barangays of Bunawan District, Davao City, and Mati, Davao Oriental, namely, BUnawan, ilang,Mahayag, Panacan, San Isidro, Tibungco and Bgy. Dawan. To date , the company is into its 3rd year and 2nd phase of implementation of its SDMP program. The 1st phase took effect 2002-2006 with a combined 5-year expenditures amounting to (Php) 10.7 million. Now after 2 years in its 2nd phase period, the company had spent almost (Php) 10 million to finance its current community programs and projects to its holsts and neighboring communities.

    Apex Mining Co., Inc. on the other hand , serves 15 barangays of the municipality of Maco Comval Province. Popularly known as “Masara Lines”, these are brgs. Masara, Teresa, Mainit, Tagbaros, Elizalde, New Leyte, New Barile, Panoraon, Calabcab, Panangan, Gubatan, Limbo, Malamodao, Panibasan, and Kinuban. Only in its 2nd year of implementation, the company had spent over (Php) 5 million to its hosts and neighboring communities. Benefiting much of the program is the indigenous peoples (Mansaka Tribe) community whose Ancestral Domain falls within the company’s MPSA claim.
Working in close collaboration with the concerned barangay Council, These companies forged a systematic consultation and effective partnership in accordance with existing guidelines under DAO 96-40 & 2000-99, as amended. Addressed to major social concerns in the field of education, health, livelihood, infrastructure, training and capability buildings, these projects proved to be the the bridge between the company and the community. Meanwhile, as mandated by law, the regional office is regularly conducting monitoring activities to ensure compliance in the strict implementation of the social performance of these companies.


        In Region XI there are two operating mines, one is HOLCIM Philippines- Davao Plant which is operating a limestone quarry in the barangays of Ilang, Tibungco, Bunawan, and San Isidro all situated in Davao City and silica quarry in Brgy. Dawan, Mati, Davao Oriental. The other is Apex Mining Company which is operating a metallic mine in Masara, Maco Compostela Valley Province presently mining gold and silver.       HOLCIM Philippines – Davao Plant was granted Environmental Protection and Enhance Program (EPEP) by the contingent Liability and Rehabilitation Fund – Steering Committee (CLRF-SC) on July 2002. Every year the company is submitting Annual Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program (AEPEP) to the Mine Rehabilitation Fund Committee (MRFC) for approval on the environmental program for the year to effectively implement the EPEP. For the year 2009 the company has programmed a total cost of P 3,474,372.00 for AEPEP and as of 3rd quarter the company has already spent 2,604,736.00 for an accomplishment of 74.97% on the total budget.

       Apex Mining Company on the other hand had only re-opened its mining operation in 2006 after the management stopped its operation in 1994 and the program to the contingent liability and rehabilitation Fund – Steering Committee on September 18, 2009. Pending the approval of the EPEP, the company submitted to the Mine Rehabilitation Fund Committee (MRFC) created by the Mines and Geosciences Bureau – XI on December 6, 2006 an interim Annual Environmental Protection and Enhancement program of the mining area. While apex Mining has no approved EPEP yet, the company deposited the Mine rehabilitation Fund (MRF) as mandated by law to implement the interim AEPEP. For the year 2009 the company has programmed a total cost of P 13,990,000.00 for AEPEP and as of 3rd quarter the company has already spent P 10,666,160.00 for an accomplishment of 76.24% on the total budget.