MGB XI hosted the conduct of IEC on “Understanding Geohazards”.  Opening remarks was being delivered by Atty. Rosario Ninfa Dumagan III, Attorney III with concurrent capacity as the OIC, Finance and Administration Division in behalf of the Regional Director.  Supervising Geologist Herbert T. Villano presented the IEC on “Understanding Geohazards” to eighty-seven (87) Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics-Eleven and Twelve (STEM-11 and 12) students and three (3) faculty members of the Assumption College of Davao. The event was formally closed by the Chief Geologist, Miss Beverly Mae M. Brebante.

Mr. Villano  presented  a   powerpoint presentation and discussed a very detailed information on geohazards namely; landslide, flood, Karst Subsidence Mitigationg Measures and MGB Geohazard Mapping. No issues and concerns was raised and the students were very grateful for the learning event.



Feedback form was made for the participants to accomplish using the “microsoft form” and majority rating of the feedback for the event is “Excellent” from  fifty-seven (57) respondents.