The Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) RXI recently conducted an orientation workshop on the Mines and Geosciences Bureau  Memorandum Circular No. 2018-01 otherwise known as the Guidelines in the Conduct of Apprehension, Seizure, Confiscation and Disposition of Illegally Sourced Minerals/ Mineral Products and by-Products, Tools, Conveyances and Equipment Used.

With the issuance of MC 2018-01, absence of any documents, permits or authority required in the conduct of mining operations and the transport of minerals/mineral products and by-products shall be considered as prima facie evidence of illegal mining and this shall cause the seizure/ confiscation of the minerals/mineral products and by products, and others as stated in Section 2 of the same policy.

In the conduct of apprehension, seizure, confiscation and disposition, an apprehending team shall be created who will have the following functions: validate or conduct investigation, conduct apprehension, deliver the offender within twelve (12) hours to the inquest prosecutor, seized the illegally sourced minerals/mineral products and by-products, etc…, execute sworn statements, act as witness in court, produce or submit object and/or documentary evidence, prepare and submit pertinent report to the Regional Director/Bureau director.

The activity was attended by community/provincial  environment and natural resources officers (CENROs/PENROs), embedded personnel, MGB RXI technical staff and personnel from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) RXI.

Regional Director Atty. Jasper Alberto H. Lascano gave a presentation during the orientation-workshop held at the Star Hotel in Davao City. It was conducted as part of MGB’s commitment to strengthen enforcement of MGB MC 2018-01 and DENR Administrative Order 2018-18.