Salnaong Bla-an Foundations, Inc., Folu Bato Bla-aan Foundation, Inc., Sbangken Bla-an Foundation, Inc, Danlag-Tapakan Bla-an Foundation, Inc. and Bongmal Bla-an Foundation, Inc. conduct the Annual Election on January 30, 2017 at Villa Amor Hotel, Koronadal City.

These five (5) Bla-an Foundations were organized more than fifteen (15) years ago by the Sagittarius Mines, Inc. (SMI) to help improve the lives of the Bla-an community through education, trainings and seminars, infrastructures, health and cultural programs. This year, each foundation will receive 1 Million Pesos for its Operation and Administrative expenses and 2 Million Pesos for its Development Projects and Programs .