The APEX Mining Co. Inc., one of the two producing mining companies in the region, recently submitted its Social Development Management Plan for 2015 in compliance with Administrative Order 2010-21, mandating large-scale mining companies to assist the host communities in the implementation of its developmental programs and projects.
The figure stipulated in the company’s SDMP amounts to Php27 million. DAO 2010-21 mandates the contractor, permit holder or lessee to allocate annually a minimum of one and a half percent (1.50%) of the mining project’s total operating cost as the basis for funding the SDMP.
The fund shall be allocated in the following program allocations namely: development of host and neighboring communities (75%), information, education and communication (IEC) program (15%) and development of mining technology and geosciences (10%). For the development of host and neighboring communities about Php20.5 million is allocated, for the IEC about Php4.1 million and for the development of the Mining Technology and Geosciences about Php2.7 million.
Accredited activities include human resource development programs, livelihood projects, infrastructure projects, educational support programs, access to health services, and promotion to socio cultural values activities.
Some of the activities projected for the year include, among others, maintenance of community health centers and clinics, establishment of level-1 community hospital, scholarship or educational assistance to all levels, skills development trainings, provision of cacao, coffee and rubber seedlings to farmers and construction of resettlement sites for not less than one hundred families residing in identified landslide and flood prone areas.