In response to Heal as One Act the APEX Mining Co. distributed grocery and food packages to 7,896 families residing in fifteen barangays in the Municipality of Maco, and one barangay in the Municipality of Mabini.

The barangays who received said grocery and food packages were mostly  host barangays of APEX namely: Teresa, New Barili, Masara, Mainit, New Leyte, Tagbaros, Elizalde all in the Municipality of Maco and Barili in the Municipality of Mabini.

Other nearby barangays who benefited from the grocery and food package distribution effort of APEX include the following:  Panibasan, Kinuban. Limbo, Gubatan, Calabcab, Panoraon, Panangan, Malamodao all located within the Municipality of Maco. 

MGB RXI Regional Director Jasper Alberto H. Lascano said that the contribution of APEX has been significant especially during this time of pandemic when food and other necessities have become scarce and its good news and that people ought to know that mining companies such as APEX are contributing.